Laura Simpson, Founder & Director

Make.Do.Camp. is lead by founder/director Laura Simpson, who has produced live music events through her company, The Syrup Factory, for ten years. She has also managed and produced for various festivals and conferences, including Nova Scotia Music Week, the Halifax Jazz Festival, East Coast Music Week and the Canadian Arts Presenting Association. Make.Do.Camp. was born out of a similar event Laura attended in California and a burning desire to create an innovative way to conference that generated deep connections, learning and community.

Laura Simspon MakeDoCamp - camp for adults in northern Nova Scotia
Marguerite photo

Marguerite Drescher, Program Director

Make.Do.Camp.’s Program Director is Marguerite Drescher, founder of Brave Space. Drescher and her team of graphic recorders/facilitators use visual forms to capture collective insights and ideas and reflect them back to the group. Drescher is trained in leadership development, systems change, and facilitation through the ALIA Institute and her ongoing practice in the Art of Hosting global network. She is dedicated to living art and exploring the possibilities for social transformation through creative process. Imagining and visualizing a world that is possible can allow us to create it through our collective conversation and action. Marguerite is committed to a radically inclusive approach that leads to sustainable strategies and actions.

Brave Space, Camp Facilitators

The Brave Space team will be at camp to facilitate the camp overall and offer spaces for collective conversations and sense making.