Camp is for everyone. Camp is for you.

Make.Do.Camp. has been held in 2016 and 2017 in Big Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada

Make.Do.Camp. takes the grown-up camp model and combines it with professional development to result in a work retreat that will allow participants for deep reflection and problem solving, with full access to expert leaders in diverse fields.

You will be bussed from Halifax, Nova Scotia into a YMCA camp in the woods on the northeastern shore. You will enter a world of no phones, no internet and no booze and live in a cabin with other campers. You will have full access to the hiking trails, high ropes course, zip line, climbing trees, archery and canoeing. You will have teachers who will lead yoga and meditation, as well as an on-site therapist. Your food will be wholesome, made from scratch and customized for your needs.
The schedule includes high-level workshops, recreation and socials. And you can always find the time and space to just be alone. You will make friends and memories that you’ll have forever. You will go back to your life feeling refreshed and inspired.

This camp gives something rare and unique - a technology-free event where human connection and expansive, creative space are the priority.


Because you don’t know you need this until you get there.

Our goals

Foster long-lasting relationships
Support and nourish ideas, aspirations, purpose
Create local collaboration/value trades
Knowledge sharing, innovation and idea creation within our community
Finding easier ways to connect globally
Encouraging creativity
Generating empathy


It is the camp’s mission to create an event that annually inspires, reinvigorates and educates its participants, while creating a bonded network of change-makers from diverse industries and communities.

The experience was one of perfect reciprocity, of real connections with other people, where just being yourself feels like the only option.
I can't begin to explain the benefits of the space, the outdoors, or the technology-free atmosphere.